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Born In June? Your Birthstone Pearl Says This About You

Fascinating Facts About Pearls June Birthstone Jewelry

If you are a June baby, your birthstone is the long-celebrated gem pearl. Here are three of your most amazing attributes:

You are Unique!

Pearl is the only gem of organic origin. It is formed through a long enchanting process inside a living mollusk. Just like our fingerprints, no two pearls are the same. Monya Flora recognizes this attribute and crafts handmade pearl jewelry where each piece is as unique as the pearl used to create it.


You are Precious! 

Pearl is the oldest discovered gem. It is considered as precious as a diamond. Furthermore, pearls were used to adorn royal gowns throughout history.

You are Beautiful and Pure!

Natural pearls are a symbol of beauty and purity. They signifies faithfulness, friendship and loyalty. Pearl is known as the "stone of sincerity".


Connect to Pearl Power!

Not only do genuine pearls add glamour to your look, they also have a mind calming effect.

Traditional Chinese medicine has been using pearls for centuries to promote a positive mental state. Real pearls are believed to bring protection, wisdom, and friendship.  


Celebrate your birthday or that of a special one with a unique handmade genuine pearl jewelry piece from the exquisite Monya Flora collection. Enjoy FREE Shipping within the US on all orders, and a 30 day return policy. Click here to select your special gift.



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