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MonyaFlora.com, Jewelry Inspiring Elegance & Finesse, Goes Live!


I am ecstatic! After so much travel, research, design, handcrafting, you name it, I am thrilled to unveil my Monya Flora jewelry collections.

Celebrate the magic and beauty of nature through Monya Flora's nature-inspired designs of jewelry. At Monya Flora, each piece is a poem.

My latest Water collection of exquisitely handmade leather pearl necklaces, real pearl and leather bracelets and earrings is designed to turn heads. 

Turn a simple outfit into a bold and elegant statement simply by adding one of our boho leather pearl necklaces. We ship free and guarantee our superior quality with a 30 day return policy.


Fashion is not an end in itself. Fashion is a means of self-expression.

My ultimate goal is to inspire you to shine your light and embrace your grace by walking in your most self-confident steps. Why blend in when you can be outstanding? Why be average when you can dig within you and find your amazing?  

My message to you is: "The treasure lies within. Open Monya Flora's box, Turn On Your Amazing".


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