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The Beautiful Shapes of Pearls

Fascinating Facts About Pearls

Just like our fingerprints are unique, no two pearls are the same. Pearls are the only gem created by a living organism --the oyster. 

The mysterious gem pearl comes in several beautiful shapes. Monya Flora lets the pearl's shape and mood inspire the design of the piece. The outcome is a jewelry piece as unique as the pearl itself.

Pearl shapes are classified into the three general categories of spherical, symmetrical, and Baroque.

Spherical Pearl Shapes:

Spherical pearl shapes are perfectly round or nearly round. They include: 

  • Round Pearls: round pearls are perfectly spherical. This is the most classic and known pearl shape. A perfectly round pearl is highly desirable and commands a higher value. Round pearls are very commonly used in the classic pearl strand, which adds timeless elegance to your wardrobe.

  • Near-round: These pearls are not perfectly round. Instead, they are slightly flattened or elongated, rather than being a perfect sphere. Monya Flora's adjustable-length handmade leather choker with pearl, makes beautiful use of the near-round pearl:

Symmetrical Pearl Shapes:

Symmetrical pearl shapes are pearls with regular shape, where if you sliced the pearl in the middle, the two halves mirror each other. They include:

  • Oval: oval pearls are shaped like an oval where the center has the largest diameter. This Monya Flora pendant, is artistically designed to highlight the beauty of a AAA oval-shaped pearl.

  • Button: Button pearls are flattened to some degree, making them resemble a button. They are often used in pearl earrings. Monya Flora's handmade pearl collection incorporates button pearls in these edgy and distinctive designs: 


  • Drop: Drop pearls are pear or teardrop-shaped. These pearls make attractive earrings or pendants. One of Monya Flora's most loved lariat necklaces is the Lily Lariat:


Baroque Pearl Shapes:

Baroque pearl shapes are irregular or abstract. They are non-symmetrical in nature. Monya Flora's collection celebrates the uniqueness of Baroque pearls, which is reflected in her distinctive and surprising designs. 

  • Semi-baroque: These pearls are slightly irregular in their shape. For example, a pearl which might otherwise be considered an oval, button, or drop pearl, but which is not symmetrical in nature, would be considered semi-baroque. Semi-baroque pearls fall into the baroque category of shapes.

  • Baroque: This is a pearl that is both non-symmetrical and irregular in shape. The baroque pearl can be purely abstract in its shape, or it can resemble a cross, stick, or some other shape. 


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