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Want Genuine Pearl Jewelry As Distinctive As You Are?

In her blog https://www.towntampa.com/monya-flora, Amanda Lucia Anseeuw makes a compelling case for Monya Flora's genuine pearl jewelry and pearl necklaces. She writes:

A Pearl With A Soul

If you want an exquisitely handcrafted piece of jewelry, then look no further than a Monya Flora pearl. Each piece has a distinctive style about it that makes it attractive and hard to copy. When you wear a Monya Flora pearl, you are wearing something that no one else owns. You are wearing something that's craft was well thought out. Something that you can match with different outfits. The Monya Flora pearl can either be your statement piece or accentuating piece. It can be worn daily or for special occasions.

You can see the personality of each piece by reading the name and then looking at the design. If you are interested in making a Monya Flora pearl your own today, visit her website here, where you can checkout online and get free shipping. Monya Flora jewelry is showcased in several museum gift shops and boutiques throughout the country.  

A Creative Pearl in the Making

Why a pearl you may ask? Pearls are stamped in history as desirable by all walks of life. They are nature made beauty that no man can reproduce. They craft themselves without the help of anyone, right there in the shell of a living animal. That's why you want to have some as part of your wardrobe. You want to know daily that you have something to wear that is classic.

And why do you want to look like everyone else? You don't. You want your own identity in life. That's what a Monya Flora pearl can do for you. It's hand-crafted to be unique. It hangs among other natural elements as well, like leather and sterling silver. It's the eye-catching statement you have been trying to make. It's the owner piecing together each pearl with distinction. What better jewelry to have than that made by an artist who loves elegance, and lives for love?

The owner, Monya, traveled far and wide to find the distinctive statements she makes through her jewelry. Her history comes from the poetic word, and her love of beauty is displayed in her work. The effortless simplicity in her designs will be adored by those who own a Monya Flora pearl for years to come.

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