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MONYA FLORA - Designer Jewelry & Fashion Accessories

Welcome! We'd love to share our story and journey with you. 

Monya Flora's exquisite jewelry with distinctive designs is sold at several museums, art centers, and botanical gardens in the US, including:

  • Fine Art Center in Tampa, Florida
  • The History Museum in Tampa, Florida
  • Miami Botanical Gardens

We are committed to bringing you the best and the unique. We guarantee the quality of our jewelry and fashion accessories, and provide you with a superior shopping experience, so when you wear our art pieces, you feel amazing!

At MONYA FLORA, each piece is a poem.

We let the wonders of nature — the grace of the butterfly, the magic of a blooming flower — guide our designs. Our jewelry and fashion accessories are nature's celebration. 

We invite you to celebrate with us. We want you to be inseparable from the feeling of beauty, self-confidence, and romance each of our pieces inspires in you.

Our collection is exquisitely crafted by master artisans who've been in the trade for generations and put love and passion into their work. 

Monya, founder of MONYA FLORA, has traveled the world and the seven seas, and brings you stories under her sleeves.

    MONYA FLORA Designer Jewelry and Fashion Accessories



"I want to tell beautiful stories through my pieces. I used to write poetry, but now I make poems in pearls," she says. "I have  collected patterns, colors, and inspiration from exotic cultures and natural wonders. I want to weave them into collections that tell the stories of people and nature.



MONYA FLORA Designer Jewelry and Fashion Accessories

 I want to give you the best of me—my passion and my  inspiration—and let the journey of my pieces and the story continue with you.

Fashion is not an end in itself. Fashion is a means of self-expression. My ultimate goal is to inspire you to shine your light and embrace your grace. I encourage you through my collections to connect with your powerful voice and express yourself. Find YOUR amazing." 


Monya's message to you: "The treasure lies within. Open MONYA FLORA's box. 

Turn On Your Amazing!"